July 8th, 2010

I was born & raised up in Addis Ababa. The place called Bisrate Gabriel That’s where my name derived from it means Good news I went to public school & I started English class when I was 3rd grade student one year before the down fall of dergue. I was enjoying doing all my subjects in my local language Amharic which is only spoken only in Ethiopia. A decade before I met one ferenji guy who comes from Colorado Springs. He was the only ferenji friend I had. Spending time with him given me the chance to attend international church where only English speakers gathered. I still remember the day my youth pastor told me I can’t join the group because my English is weak and I convinced him that my English is 35 percent. Every Friday night we meet for Bible study & have snacks. That was the place I tired pizza for the first time. One night I had parmesan egg plant and I thought it was pizza because of the cheese sprinkled on top of it. Attending Friday night Bible study given me the opportunity to experience new life. Movie night, camping, going to parties, carnival and Americanization started to grow in my heart.

I start to see America like my own country always dreaming about America , I tried so hard to apply for college but never worked out I tried the Diversity Visa lottery 4 times the last one was in October 2009. One Monday night a friend called me on the phone and told me has a surprise for me I was in the middle of rehearsal. Singing IT DONT MEAN A THING IF IT AIN’T GOT THAT SING. Arranged by Tom Anderson. But I feel like I was singing BASH. Because I knew in my heart that surprised is that I won A Diversity visa lottery. 16 million peoples applied for DV 2011 & only 100,000 are selected for further processing & only 50,000 peoples are eligible. The person has to be 12 grade completed or at least two years of working experience. I sent all the required information for further processing & waiting in patient.

I never travelled I mean never been out of Ethiopia. I only see the airplane up in the air it will be my first time to be in the air plane and soar up in the sky and see my Addis Ababa. The Wright brothers crossed Atlantic in 1920s & I am going to cross it after 8 decades. That’s a huge blessing getting what I dreamed about. The lord is gracious to those who wait and who hope in him. Even though I never been in America and don’t know what things are like. I know the people are friendly. Even worked in their kitchen. Washing their cars, gardening and house keeping. Those people are part of my life.

It may take about 5 months for me to get there. But my heart is already reached there and thinking about the other part of my life. What to do when my whole everything reach in America, The promise land. I have so many options to be what I want to be. A world class chef, filmmakers, model. In all this I will delight in the lord who will grant me the desire of my heart

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April 21st, 2008

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