About the Author:

Nathan Kaufman
Hometown:Peoria, IL
Favorite ColorRed or Blue (Purple)
Favorite TV Show:Cheers ("Its a dog eat dog world out there and I'm wearing milk bone underwear!"-Norm)
Classic Moment:
"My guide Michael and I set out at 3:00 am on Saturday, July 5, for Point Lenana (16,350 feet). The last 45 minutes of our walk was on the edge of the Lewis Glacier. My guide led the way with an ice pick."

Nathan Kaufman grew up in suburban Chicagoland, USA. He has traveled to a number of countries including a post-college trip to Kenya. His degree at the University of Illinois earned him a job at a "Big Five" financial services firm where he investigated possible investee companies for his clients. After almost four years at a public accounting firm, Nate took a brief respite in Maui before going to work in information technology and finance for Kraft Foods. He also started a part-time MBA program at Kellogg (Northwestern). After almost three years at Kraft, Nate accepted a job at Kellogg's (cereal and snack company).

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