Day 16: Long Ride to Tallin


Today's Stats: 155km, 24C early shower
Today's Route: Parnu to Tallinn
Favorite Sign: look out for moose (lost photo)
Favorite Food: grainy dessert


Costs are per person in local currency, 1USD=12.41EEK (Estonia Kronu).
Statoilcroissant, chocbar, coffee30kronu
Meia Pubifish fillet, mushroom soup, beer80kronu
Pigs Ristoranmushroom casserole, beer, grainy dessert, coffee275k
Old House BBroom in language school w bfst325k
After leaving Parnu about 30K down the road, we decide to take the "road less traveled" even though we know from past experiences, that can bring us trouble. And we were not disappointed either as we end up lost in a gravel pit and figure out that our rad was the one back a ways that turned into gravel. So we had to make a decision as to whether or not to ride 15K on gravel and whatever else it turned into or head back to the main road. We opted for the paved road after our "detour" of 10K. Then the rains came and soaked us, but at least it was not a driving rain and not freezing cold. Lucky for us, the rain did not last long. We stopped for a coffee break at a gas station. It was one of our yummiest breaks yet! An organized bicycle ride of 18 cyclists rolled in while we were there-all males/wimpy Estonian females!

After lunch at a local bar we end our longest day of 98 miles in Tallinn, capitol of Estonia. We finally figure out what the huge birds are that we have been seeing since we started our ride. They are storks which build huge nests atop utility poles. They are here for the summer and go to Africa when it turns cold here. We find a nice B&B in the heart of the city and head out for supper in a very nice restaurant. The best part of the meal was the rhubarb cheesecake.


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