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Travel Scholarship

In order to encourage more people to travel to non-traditional destinations and share their experiences on the web, WorldWideShoes.Org is offering a $1000 travel scholarship to college students to help them make the most of the coming summer vacation. Anyone enrolled in an undergraduate program in the United States is eligible to apply. The successful candidate will be expected to write a travelogue which will be hosted on WWShoes.

Generally, applicants are encouraged to travel to countries or regions that are not already covered on WorldWideShoes.Org The $1000 scholarship is meant to cover about half of the cost of a plane flight and some food and lodging expenses while overseas. Half of the scholarship will be paid prior to departure and the remainder will be remitted when the candidate completes a travelogue for WWShoes. The travelogue or blog should be roughly equivalent to a 5-10 page report with 30-50 photographs.

There is no set format for the application, but generally it should describe the travel plan and the reason for choosing the itinerary. It is not necessary to relate the plan to the applicant's field of study or previous travels, but it may be helpful to discuss these and other revelant topics. Applications must be submitted electronically in pdf, doc, or ppt format or simply in the body of an email sent to Scholarship@WorldWideShoes.Org by March 31.

The successful candidate will be notified via email by April 15. At that point, the candidate will be asked to provide a copy of his/her college transcript and contact information. The first half of the travel scholarship will be provided when the recipient provides a copy of his/her plane ticket. The Webmaster will discuss the logistics of submitting the travelogue or blog before the recipient departs and the remainder of the scholarship will be remitted upon its completion.

Fine Print
Clearly, World Wide Shoes cannot be held responsible for any injury, sickness, or mishap that befalls the recipient while abroad. Pending consultation with a legal expert, the recipient may be asked to sign a waiver, but generally honesty, good faith, and common sense apply to the administration of this scholarship. Candidates are encouraged to submit questions to Scholarship@WorldWideShoes.Org prior to applying.

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