Northern Vietnam Equipment List

This is an incomplete list of some of the gear that I carried, including the bike that I bought for about 80USD in Hanoi. I did not put a lot of thought into packing or the bike this time, but the whole set-up turned out to be pretty comfortable. The weather was a bit warmer than I expected, so I probably could have done without some of the leg warmers and maybe even a fleece jacket. Merry and Scott clearly had the superior set-up with the tricked-out tandem and super efficient packing.

  • Sundown Raindrop
  • Modified Mont Bell 70L backpack ( see photo)
  • Helmet, gloves, socks
  • Sneakers, sandals
  • Fleece jacket
  • Cycling shorts (3)
  • Long-sleeve cycling jersey (1)
  • Turtle neck t-shirt, Long underwear shirt
  • Wizard OZ-620
  • Canon Digital Elph S100 (over 3500 photos to date!)
  • CamelBack water pack (1L), iodine crystals
  • Lotsa others

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