When we traveled to South Korea in March of 1997 the won was trading at about 850won=1USDollar. All of the US$ amounts provided below are calculated using that figure. However, in the fall of 1997, Korea and the rest of Asia hit some economic problems which sent the won down to about 1800won to the dollar by year-end. Before you plan any trips, take a look at the latest exchange rate for the won. You can probably survive on less than $40 per day per person if you stay in cheap yogwans and don't eat at Pizza Hut too much. Usually the cheaper places are more fun anyway. All of the food and lodging amounts below are for two people, so a US$10 meal is really five dollars each. Enjoy!

Date LocationStore Item WonUS$
3/1,Sat Seoul Korean Air Flight #703 Tokyo to Seoul (Aaron only, not included in totals) 300.00
Hongik Univ Yogwan 4 nights sleep with bath and nice manager 80000 94.12
Java ginseng tea, coffee, toast 7000 8.24
3/2,Sun Pizza Hut bread sticks, veg. pizza, Pepsi, 7-Up 18000 21.18
Seoul subway Many subway rides at 400/each plus Cokes 20000 23.53
City Hall Toksugung entrance to a palace in middle of town 600 0.71
Underground Shop 2 World Cup 2002 T-shirts 8000 9.41
Lotte Japanese Rest 2 udons with rice, tempura, and kimchi 13000 15.29
Lots of Dots 1 peanut butter, 1 banana split ice cream 7000 8.24
3/3,Mon Hongik Univ Korean Rest rice omelette, kimbab 5100 6.00
Chongmyo Shrine entrance to royal shrine and palace 6000 7.06
Itaewon Street vendors socks, wallet, slippers, magnets 20000 23.53
Pizza Hut garlic bread, cheese pizza, Nex beer, Pepsi 17500 20.59
Hongik Univ Convenie Store sweet bread, fruitopia, cheese balls 6000 7.06
3/4,TuesPanmunjom USO Tour half-day tour of UN base on the DMZ 42000 49.41
Yongsam USO Canteen lunch: grilled cheese, fries, 3 Snapples, apple 6500 7.65
War Memorial Museum entrance to huge museum with great grounds 4000 4.71
Apkujong Village Restaurant dinner: great food picked out by my friend Soo 0 0.00
Karaoke 30min of Korean noreban with Soo 0 0.00
3/5,Wed Hongik Univ Convenie Store lunch: kimbab, Snickers, ramen, pineapple drink 4500 5.29
Express Bus Terminal 2 one-way tickets from Seoul to Kyongju 21400 25.18
Post Office post cards and a package for the USA 16000 18.82
Kyongju Hanjin Jang Yogwan 3 nights with bath 75000 88.24
3/6,Thur Grand Restaurant lunch: we're not sure what it was 8000 9.41
Chomsongdae Observ. strange star viewing tower built long ago 200 0.24
Kyongju Nat'l Museum entrance into the greatest museum in Korea 800 0.94
England Bakery pastry pizza, coffee, Coke, sweets 12700 14.94
My Store CD-White III 10000 11.76
Convenie Store orange juice, onion rings, Doritos 4000 4.71
3/7,Fri McDonald's lunch: 2 Filet-O-Fish specials 5400 6.35
Post Office mailed more presents home (Brica) 12000 14.12
Pulguksa Temple entrance to a nice Buddhist temple on a hill4000 4.71
Sokuram Grotto impressive statue of Buddha in a small cave 4000 4.71
DaeSung Chinese Res dinner 8000 9.41
Hanjin Jang Yogwan laundry 4000 4.71
3/8, Sat Express Bus Terminal Kyongju to Seoul 21400 25.18
World Trade CenterCoco's California Rest that great California cuisine with my friend0 0.00
Friendly Cafe coffees and beers with IL-HAK 0 0.00
Yogwan 1 night stay with bath 20000 23.53
3/9,Sun Kimpo Airport International Terminal departure tax 18000 21.18
Subtotal Korea 9 Days, two people 510100 600.12
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