When we traveled to Nepal in April of 1997 the Nepali rupee was trading at about 60rupees=1USDollar. All of the US$ amounts provided below are calculated using that figure. You can get a little better rate trading on the "black market" on the street. Everything is really cheap in Nepal regardless, but you might want to take a look at the latest exchange rate for the rupee before you go. You can probably survive on less than $20 per day per person if you live cheap. We almost made it on $5 per day during our trek, but the preparations (including replacing items stolen in Thailand) inflated the overall budget. Nepal is definitely one of the cheapest places in the world. Even the (fake) North Face jackets are only about $15-20. All of the food and lodgings amounts below are for two people, so a US$10 meal is five dollars each. Enjoy!
Date LocationStore Item RupeesUS$
3/24,MonKathmandu Thai Airlines Flight #311 Bangkok to Kathmandu(Aaron only, not included in totals) 362
Kathmandu Int'lNepal govt 15-day tourist visa for Aaron 900 15.00
Thamel street vendor Kathmandu and Solu-Khumbu maps, 2 postcards 150 2.50
KCs veg tofu burger, fries, lasagna, water, coke340 5.67
Clothes store maroon hiking pants, socks, stocking cap 1050 17.50
Bookstore 3 used books for the trail (great selection 200 3.33
Taxi ride home from Thamel to Tripureswar 70 1.17
3/25,TuesTripureswarFAX/STD Shop One 3min phone call to USA about lost bag 525 8.75
Thamel KEEP 2 T-shirts, hat, bio-soap, Langtang area 1075 17.92
KEEP coffee, orange&apple juice, banana lassi 140 2.33
Bistro on Roof spaghetti, spinach lasagna, fries,Coke,water340 5.67
Rickshaw 20min ride to the bus station to check tickets70 1.17
Taxi return to Thamel, shared with a nice couple 30 0.50
3/16,SunThamel Gear Shop Merril boots,socks,NorthFace/Patagonia fleece3264 54.40
Gear Shop 2 NorthFace(fake)GoreTex shells, flashlight 2100 35.00
Rations 5candy bars,shave cream,sunblock,raisins,nuts1200 20.00
Northfield Cafe bean burrito, waffle, cheesecake, coffee 360 6.00
Rickshaw bike offered 35,but Aaron peddled some so paid extra?100 1.67
3/26,WedTripureswar FAX/STD Shop another call to USA: insurance is ok for bag500 8.33
Thamel Immigration Office 2 trekking permits for the Everest region 1135 18.92
next door passport photos for Brica 125 2.08
BusinessDistCafe & Pub veg sizzler,fish&chips, coffee, orange juice390 6.50
Kodak place 17stamps, 19postcards, 2candy bars 350 5.83
Thamel British Store flashlight,lighter,fleece gloves,umbrella 2200 36.67
Convenie Store candy bars,cheese,nuts,TP,candles,mix,honey,PB750 12.50
Namaste Trekking rent down bag for 10days 750 12.50
Fire & Ice pepperoni verdi pizza (no pepperoni) 260 4.33
3/27,ThurBus Park Local Bus 3 seats on a crowded one-way, 10hr bus to Jiri360 6.00
Transit Roadside Stop lunch: 2 Dal Bhats(rice with lentil soup) 60 1.00
Jiri Sagarmatha Mt. Everest Lodge dinner,two 10rupee beds, breakfast,nice kids440 7.33
3/28,FriBhandar Shobha Lodge dinner, hot shower, bed&breakfast 535 8.92
3/29,SatSete Sunrise dinner, two 10rupee beds, breakfast,nice kids330 5.50
3/30,SunLamjura PassSherpa House lunch:hot lemon, fried potatoes, etc (slow) 130 2.17
Junbesi Junbesi GH dinner, two beds in dorm room, breakfast 600 10.00
3/31,MonNuntala Sherpa House Fanta,milk,malt cookies,Mars bar(expensive) 235 3.92
Jubing Quiet Place dinner,two 10rupee beds,breakfast,nice kids 400 6.67
4/1,TuesPoiyan Apple Pie GH dinner,two 10rupee beds,no breakfast or kids230 3.83
4/2,Wed Choklung Cheese Factory cheese and crackers 120 2.00
Phakding Int'l Trekkers GH dinner,two 20rupee beds,lots of coffee 390 6.50
4/3,ThurSagarmatha ParkPark Entrance permit to enter the Everest National Park 1300 21.67
Namche Khumbu Lodge 2 nights in the Jimmy Carter room, plus food1190 19.83
4/4,Fri Khumjung Khumjung Bakery rolls&coffee at worlds highest(3790m)bakery 100 1.67
4/5,Sat Lukla Sherpa Lodge dinner,two 50rupee beds,breakfast,nice Germans390 6.50
4/6,Sun Royal Nepal Air Two tickets, Lukla to Kathmandu w/earplugs 9960 166.00
Kathmandu Int'lRickshaw ride from airport back to Tripureswar 100 1.67
Pizza Hut veg pizza,salad bar, onion rings,Pepsi water231 3.85
Thamel Helena's lunch: good food and atmosphere 360 6.00
Namaste Trekking returned sleeping bag, paid for fleece hat 250 4.17
Helena's coffees and strudel 125 2.08
Rickshaw roundtrip in rain to bus. dist for pictures 150 2.50
Business DistYeti Film Shop 4 rolls of single prints developed 670 11.17
Thamel Helena's dinner: cheese pizza, chips 260 4.33
Clothes Shop personalized embroidered shirt, cool side bag650 10.83
Rickshaw another ride from Thamel to Tripureswar 50 0.83
4/7,Mon Durbar SquareBag Guy side bag, big bag, pen bags, coin purses 420 7.00
Wool Guy 4 pair wool socks 260 4.33
Paradise Vegetarian veg spring roll,potato soup,s&s veg, drinks 216 3.60
Rickshaw ride from Durbar Sq to Airport 80 1.33
Kathmandu Int'lNepali govt departure tax for Aaron only 660 11.00
Subtotal Nepal 15 Days, two people 39626 660.43
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