Down the River and Back Out

Expenses for this Segment

Day 17
Ukit Ukit Putra Kembar bus back to Putussibau 3.50
Putussibau Oplet ride to downtown 0.10
Marissa Rest rice buffet lunch 0.70
Wartel one min call to Japan 1.10
Marissa Rest ramen with egg 0.50
Marissa Hotel shared double room, no AC, no mandi 1.00

Day 18
Putussibau street warung apam sweet pancake 0.20
Oplet ride to Perintis office 0.10
CV Perintis bus to Pontianak, 18hr 6.00
Sintang some rest. rice buffet dinner 0.80

Day 19
Pontianak Hotel Garuda standard room for day 19.00
Internet Cafe two hours surfing 0.80
Do&Mi three pastries to go 0.50
warung more noodles 0.30
SJS super exec bus to Kuching 12.5

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