May 9, 2000

City: Yangshuo and Fuli

Highlight: long rainy bike ride

Favorite Food: garlic fish at Three Sisters


Location Item Local US$
street vendormtn bike rental for the day80.96
Three Sisters Cafe2 coffees, egg and tomato soup, garlic fish303.61
Le Votreanother fine French meal15018.07
Fawlty Towersone more night303.61

Morning Market
There are no particular must-see tourists destinations around Yangshuo despite all the attention. The freak-shaped hills interspersed with flat, quiet ride paddys are definitely a beautiful attraction, but it is not worth going out of the way for the one shaped like a moon, or a dragon, or an elephant. Somehow we inherited a young tour guide who was intent on selling us a walk to her local village followed by a hike up moon hill. The minute we stepped out of the hotel she came up to us and reminded us of our promise to go on said tour her mom or her cousin or something. Honestly, the reviews of her tour, recorded in a notebook by previous satisfied Western customers, made Amy's tourguiding sound to-die-for, but somehow I suspected that she had swiped the book from a more qualified guide. Call me cynical.

Morning Market
We decided to start off the day by wandering through the local market. Such places never cease to amaze me. I guess city markets still exist in some European and American towns, but we lacked any kind of farmers market in the farm time I come from. Thus, I am always amazed at the vibrance of these places. The guy at the hotel told us that today was the day for the traveling market in Yangshuo, but I think that we ended up in just the normal daily market somehow. Anyway, the senses were overwhelmed with sights of every fruit, veggie, meat, and dry good that a person could possibly need. We picked up some random friend goods as breakfast and moved on to the task at hand.

Bike Rental



Chris and Akemi

Joyce and Julie

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