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This is a rather unformatted version derived from the original Excel copy that I used to foot and prepare stuff. Most of these amounts are in local yuan, but I should warn that the exchage rate was about 8.3RMB=1.0USD when I went in May 2000 and the buying power could be totally different now. When planning a trip, take a look at the latest exchange rate for the yuan. You can probably survive on less than $15 per day per person if you try hard enough, but why not live a little. Enjoy!

6 May 2000
ChicagoUnited Airlinesdirect to HK400
7 May 2000
Hong KongDragon Airone-way to Guilin1460
GuilinCity Mini Busride to hotel20
South Stream Hoteldouble room, priv bath60
8 May 2000
Train station noodle shopbuns and noodles3
Local busone-hour ride to Yangshuo12
YangshuoBlue Lotus Cafebanana shake, stuffed tofu, Tin Tin coffe22
Le VoitreTour Eiffel wine, mixed salad, poisson Hollandaise, crepe130
Fawlty Towers Hoteldouble room, priv bath, balcony30
9 May 2000
street vendormtn bike rental for the day8
FuliThree Sisters Cafe2 coffees, egg and tomato soup, garlic fish30
GuilinLe Votreanother fine French meal150
Fawlty Towersone more night30
10 May 2000
Boat Dockride to Yangdi100
boat ladyegg dish with rice15
Yangdiblue truck guyride to Yangshuo5
Luholocal busrecliner seat bus back to Guilin5
Guilincity busride to post office1
China Poststamps for ten postcards38
Internet Cafehalf hour online use9
Lada Taxiride to the CAAC office5
CAACofficial bus to airport20
Airport Cafeinstant seafood noodles10
Guilin Aiport Authoritydeparture tax50
KunmingCAACofficial bus to city5
Camelia Hoteldouble room for one120
11 May 2000
Laos Embassyentrance visa, express(14usd)**49USD
Hua Qi Dan Gaocinnamon roll, watermelon cola4
Yuantong Templeentrance to extensive grounds4
street shopchoco ice cream2
Camelia Hotelanother night120
12 May 2000
Camelia Hotelone day bike rental15
China Petrolwafers, grape soda5
Mama Fu'slemonade, veggie plate, rice, fried goat cheese24
Camelia Hotelanother night120
13 May 2000
local bakerybean paste pie, raisin cupcake5
Camel's Restauranteggplant hotpot, Yunnan red wine, coffee42
city busbus 78 to the airport1
Kunming Airportairport construction fee50
Shanghai Airone-way to Jinghong520
Jinghong Bannabusride to the city5
14 May 2000
local busride to Menghai8
MenghaiSunday Marketorange bread1
cydlo guyone hour ride around10
local busride back to Jinghong8
JinghongVW Taxiride back to Manting Lu7
Mei Mei Cafevegetable curry, two banana cinnamon shakes20
Dai Building GHhalf day of room use12.5
VW Taxiride to bus station7
local busone-way to Mengla15
MenglaNanjiang Hoteldouble w TV,AC,bath80
15 May 2000
English teacher rickshaw guyride to bus station, advice5
local busone-way to Mohan,border10
Mohanborder exchange girllost some money on poor rate to Kip1

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