Contributors Wanted

Many people will never get to experience life on the opposite side of the planet. And they shouldn't have to. If they can read a good story about life as a factory worker in Thailand, or a school teacher in the Ukraine, or even an accountant in the US, then perhaps they will come to understand a little more about another perspective.

World Wide Shoes is a growing network of adventurers and story-tellers from around the world. Every contributor believes in the power of the journal or the travelogue. We have opened up our private lives so that others might understand better. Through reading about other people's trials and tribulations, people can understand their neighbors and themselves. The power of understanding through empathy (putting oneself in another's shoes) can save a lot of conflicts before they start.

Although the mission of World Wide Shoes is grand, your story needn't be fantastical. If you would like to share some life wisdom or travel advice, it could be as easy as sending an occasional email to the webmaster. All personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers can be kept hidden. The webmaster can tailor your page to fit your needs. Also, if you would only like to link your story to World Wide Shoes, the webmaster can take care of that. Please feel free to email about any further details. Happy Adventures!

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