Day 0

Itinerary: Chicago, USA to Dreieich, Germany Weather: 24, sunny
Distance KM: 0Ave KmH: NA
Highlight: Forgetting passport on the copy machines
Fav Food: rhubarb torte


City LocationItemLocal
ChicagoUnited/Luftansaroundtrip to Frankfurt900
DreieichWohrle Homefirst class accomodations for twofree

Getting Started?
The day has finally arrived for my son, Aaron, and I to conquer Europe on our bicycles. I am so excited yet most nervous. Aaron calls me at work and asks what time I plan to leave for his apartment; I tell him 3pm. He said maybe I should leave at 2:30pm due to the heavy traffic of the Memorial Holiday weekend. So I get on my way at 2:20pm. I eat lunch on my way and arrive with no problems at 5pm. All well and good except no one is home at Aaronfs. I wait gpatientlyh when finally at 5:30pm Yuka, Aaronfs girlfriend, arrives. She asks where Aaron is, which is exactly what Ifd love to know.

Lost Passport
A couple minutes later, Betty, Aaronfs roommate, arrives. We go into their apartment only to find Aaronfs unpacked bicycle and clothes. Now Ifm worried-but thatfs Aaron-he will be late to his own funeral! Yuka calls Aaron and he is minutes from home. He finally gets there and wonders where his roommate, Chris, is with the wrench that will allow him to remove the pedals from the bike so he can pack it. Betty calls Chris to find he is minutes away. Aaron is packing his bag when Chris arrives with the tool and gets the pedals off. Then Aaron says that the unpacked things are minor compared to the fact that he left his new passport on the copy machine at his office in downtown Chicago. What next-

Yuka Saves the Day
I was thrilled he arrived back from Japan yesterday, and now this! The cab is now waiting to take us to the airport so grab things and leave. Yuka is to go get the passport and bring it to the airport. I check in while Aaron keeps tabs on Yukafs whereabouts. She finally arrives at the airport with Aaronfs passport in hand. Once again-a woman saves the day!! Aaron checks in, we board and we are finally off to Europe! I hope this is no indication as to how our trip will go!?!

Whirlwind Tour of Frankfurt
Martin, a friend of Aaronfs, meets us at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. Our 2 bicycles fit in his car, however, it leaves no seat for Aaron. Martin takes us to his parentsf house where his mother has prepared a delicious dinner for us. Aaron tells me that if I had been raised in Germany I would have turned just like Martinfs mother. She was such a wonderful host and it seemed I had known her all my life! After lunch she took me on 4-hour tour of Frankfurt. It was like a dream to me to see firsthand what I had only seen in pictures. The buildings were so massive; and to hear gHoly, Holyh sung in German at a Catholic Church gave me a feeling that I canft describe. What I will remember most about our stay, besides the great hospitality, is Compari mixed with orange juice and rhubarb torte. I have seen more than I can imagine in one day!

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