Day 10

Itinerary: Schwaz to Wasserburg Weather: 25, sunny w no clouds at all
Distance KM: 130.5Ave KmH: 21
Highlight: got new pump, used for two flats
Fav Food: tartufo mushroom pizza


City LocationItemLocal
WorglBackereirhaspberry iced tea, cheesy bread, cookie45
WorglIntersportfloor pump, swimming trunks, classy shirt 647
WasserburgStechl Kellermushroom pizza, tartufo pizza, radler, wine, two coffees53DM
WasserburgHotel Fletzinger double room, breakfast170DM

Through the Inn
As promised, today was the closing day for our castle hotel, so there was only a simple breakfast and then the place was closing down for the day. I don't know if this is common among these family-run hotels in Europe, but it is definitely popular in ma&pop stores and restaurants in Japan. These sole proprietors have to work every day unless they close down for a set day every week or so. Anyway, we were happy to head on early in the morning. We collected our bikes from the little shed-garage out front, and rolled on up the road. Most of the morning was rather uneventful as we continued up the smooth trail of the Inn valley. Our morning break was taken at the large town of Worgl where we also did a bit of shopping. First mom went in search of a restroom and some food, and then I made a larger search for a good sports store to get a swimsuit, a new shirt, and a big floor pump! No more having to deal with little frame pumps that may or may not work. I got me a big beefy model with a pressure gauge and all. It was a little big, but made light by its plastic shaft. I filled up the tires, strapped on my purchase and pedaled happily along the trail.

Long Gravel Stretches
Not long up the path, I had the chance to use the new pump two times today. We were cruising along on the gradual downhill leading us out of the mountains of the Tirol area, when mom got two successive flats on her rear tire. I fixed the first one for her, but let her deal with the second while I took some photos and checked out the route ahead. There were not many large towns along the route for a bit. We were nearing the border area to cross back into Germany. The scenery was not quite as breate-taking as the last couple days surrounded by the snow-capped mountains. We didn't meet so many people either. Toward evening, there were some people out on the trail for their daily exercise, but for the most part we peddled on, uninterupted.

Our long day of trucking along in the sun was rewarded by our arrival in the quaint Bavarian town of Wasserburg. All traffic from the south enters into the old part of the city across a bridge and through a gate. There we found a number of hotels and restaurant ready to cater to tired tourists. We found a hotel that would take weary bikers, actually, the front desk had a sign indicating its participation in the Bike and Bed program. They showed us a garage across the street where we could park our bikes (impressive, considering the crowded downtown area) and we walked up the road to sup at an outdoor cafe. Bike touring at its best, minus the couple flat tires.

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