March 8: Hi

It's a Sunday night, and I've got to get cracking down on more work, but after reading Aaron's email, I suddenly had to write. (nandaka hisashiburi) The weather here has been really on and off here lately, although the days that Kory was here was just immaculate... to discredit her ame-onna... I've had some hard showers and more on various days. however, yesterday, it cleared up, and I went out on a 4 mile hike to get some fresh air. Kory walked with me to Zachary's Pizza -- remember the one in Shibuya? -- and I guess that was a four mile -- one way -- walk. Sorry Kory. I could tell the welling angst and irritation after a long day's walking. boku wa hara hara doki doki datta. (to ease confusion... the walk with kory a week ago was a four mile walk, and my walk yesterday was a roundtrip 4 mile walk) I guess 4 miles go pretty quickly. In a way, I think of it as a walk from Waseda to Takadanobaba. Coz it's not quite the walk from Waseda to Kokusai no ie. Nonetheless, osanpo wa karada ni iilkoto desu. Takes the guilt factor out of eating two slices of cake (carrot cake and German chocolate cake) and a slice of apple pie in a day. Not that I'm weight conscious... but sweets give a kick of energy ... and though I had my temptations with chessecake... I figured that was a bit too much in an effort to wake up. Besides, I remebered a friend once telling me, "I have self-control.... I don't have to finish this second slice of cake..." So I followed my friend's advice and stopped at two to tell myself that I have self-control. So, I'm here right now on a Sunday night... having read 4 short stories and whatever else go... I slurp on Koala Manadarin Orange flavor Aussie fruit sparkler to get me off of a sugar low. (34.oz AUSSIE SLAMMER SIZE too!)

Anyhow, back to work... take care everybody... Sugar High Euge

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