Day 6-7

Miles: 0000!!
Weather: 70F, scattered showers
Lunch: various
Favorite Sign: No road signs for me
Towns: Madison
Roadkill Report: NA
Highlight: Hiking around at Devil's Lake

Just doing a lot of hanging out and eating out here in Madison. A very cool city. Went to see Godzilla for no apparent reason. Man that was a bad movie. I kinda feel bad because I always miss the big summer movies, so I thought I should see something before heading to Europe. Well, as far as I can tell, there is nothing good playing yet.

Went up to Devil's Lake State Park on Monday. It was nice to see lots of people out enjoying their holiday weekend. Still no sign of that rain they promised. We hiked a couple short trails and I felt surprisingly tired. I thought that this riding was doing something for my physical condition, but...

Decided to stay here an extra day. Hey, this is my vacation. Besides, I don't get to spend a lot of time with my brother. In fact, I just met his roommate for the first time. The guy was beginning to think that I really don't exist. Cheers.

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