Day 7: Quiet Ride thru Country


Today's Stats: 92km, 33C sunny
Today's Route: Lubartow to Biala Podlaska
Favorite Sign: no more city
Favorite Food: veggie pizza


Costs are per person in local currency, 1USD=3.178PLN (Polish Zloty).
Some Sklepwater, juice, kolackis7
Perla Placeveggie pizza, 2 Tatras beer15
Cukierniatrufla chocolate, capaccino5
Other Pizzeriaevening beer4
Capital Hotelfancy room w breakfast, free internet104
Honestly, I did not have time to write this one while we were on the road. It is now four months later and I am sitting in California trying not to think about the midterm exam that I have in my economics phd program this week. Looking back at the pictures from this day, I remember the sklep, or shop, that we stopped at in the morning. Something simple like that can turn out to be such an adventure when you are far from home. I remember mom was excited about the cookies that she found. I think she even went back in for a second round. We sat out front enjoying the morning sun. Some of the local elders who evidently come around for a beer every morning seemed upset that we took their spot, but because of our goofy clothes and funny language, I think they were too scared to say anything about it.

This is one of the few days that we road less than 100km and splurged on a nicer hotel. The town looked promising on the map and the hotel was highly recommended, but aside from the town square, the only thing to see was this "castle" near our hotel. It has fallen apart and been repaired a few times, but now it doubles as a really green park, a music academy, a museum, etc. (ok, that is more than double). It was just one of the many small treats we had on our trip. Actually, we had some sweets today too. Just off the square there was a chocoloate shop that was just closing up at five (glad we stopped early!) but they gave us 10 minutes or so to decide which of the assorted goodies we wanted to sample. I think the reason we didn't have many pictures is because mom was so happy to ride less than 100km, see a cool church, and have some chocolate that she forgot that I was the navigator and she was the photographer. Oh, the other treat of the day was the romantic hotel room! The bed was in a little loft area up a few steps. It was just perfect for a tired old woman, and her son.

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