Day 8: Bikers and Problems


Today's Stats: 122km, 26C rain
Today's Route: Biala Podlaska to Besklie Podlaski
Favorite Sign: ferry sign of lies
Favorite Food: carp


Costs are per person in local currency, 1USD=3.178PLN (Polish Zloty).
Crappy Bar cabbage pierogi, juice6
Supermarketbananas, gas water3
Hotel Unibuscarp, mizeria cucumber salad, beer14
Hotel Unibusapartment with breakfast164
We waited for the rain to ease up before we took off this morning. Lucky for us, it is a gentle rain and not too cold. Things were going as scheduled until I decided to it would be more fun to take a ferry across the river than some boring bridge. So we followed the sign that indicated where the ferry was. After riding about 4K in the rain and sand, our gears, wheels and brakes were covered with so much sand and weeds that I doubted they would ever work again. We
never found any silly ferry as the sign indicated. I thought it was a ploy for them to capture us out in the woods, but we were smart enough to turn around before they GOT us! We saw no fairy (I mean ferry) only a cute little dear! Now that we were totally soaked and dirty, I decided that it is always nice to cross a rive on a bridge!!

Once we got across the rive, I notice that my bike computer was dangling from my handlebar so I yelled at Aaron to stop. We were assessing the damage when some "goofy" American bicyclist comes up behind and asks us where we are from. Mind you, this is out in the country away from all civilization. We were quite surprised to see him. He was Mike from NC-a Pollock from Penn State. He was 29 year old school teacher on his way to his father's hometown just up the road. He rode to the next town with us and had lunch at the local bar with us. That is when I realize that I have lost one of the earrings that my friend, Marie, gave me on my retirement-Bummer!

Mike rode on to find his grandmother (Ha!) as Aaron fixed flat #2. I went looking for some tape to hold my computer on the handlebars at the apteka (drugstore.) Since everything is behind glass, a girl tried to help by giving me band aids, bandages, bigger bandages before she finally brought me a roll of white bandage tape. I taped the computer on so I could read and reset it. Aaron made so much fun of me, but it worked-and that's what counts!!

As we headed down the road I lost one of my Birk sandals that bungied to my bag on the back of my bike as we rumbled down some crazy cobblestone road out in the middle of nowhere for a few K. Oh well, I was going to get some new ones at the end of our trek in Germany since that is where I bought them 5 years agon on our other bike trek. At least I didn't lose any filling in my teeth! After all my mishaps I was feeling pretty bummed, but we ended up at a beautiful hotel with 2 rooms, a nice hot shower and a very good restaurant.

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