Day 2

Km: 144.1
Max: 51.1
Ave: 21.4
Time: 6:43
Weather: 30, scattered showers, clearing
Favorite Sign: "50- a mas velocidad, semaforo cerrado"
Highlight: being cheered by old folks
Towns: Torreblanca, Peniscola, Benicarlo, L'Aldea, L'Hospitalet de l'Infant
Fav Food: tortilla-bocaddillo espanolo


Location ItemLocalUS$
Campsamilk, nuts, sunflower seeds, 1.5L water 410PTA
Cafetortilla 500
Cala Mercadocoffee, bread, cookies, yogurt 960
Cala d'Oquescampsite, shower 1530
Totals 340022.67

Early Morn
In heat like this, there is nothing more important than getting up early in the morning. Despite the fact that I was still tired, I managed to get up an on the road by 7:30. The first fifty kilometers really flew by. I had some pains, since it was only my second day, but everything was cool. Then it started getting hot.

I stopped for a break in a little town. Still having some trouble with my knees because my shoes and pedals aren't adjusted quite right. I think I finally got it. I found a movie theater in town, but it was showing two US pictures and the times weren't until much later. I decided to move on before it got hotter.

I much prefer hills to heat, so I was happy with the few little passes the road went over. It drizzled for a bit too, which cooled me off. Then, just as I was getting tired, I road passed a hotel restaurant where a bunch of older folks were standing outside. For some reason, they just all broke out in applause when they saw me. Perhaps they were just applauding my bad taste in clothes, but I pretended like someone actually cared about the effort I was making. This country really likes its cyclists.

Hotter still
I made another stop around one for a sandwich and some water. Somehow I wasn't terribly hungry, so the meal over filled me. Combined with the afternoon heat, the last 40km was pretty rough. I got to within shooting distance for Barcelona tomorrow and then pulled into a city.

Still being on the coast, I had no trouble finding a campground made for tourists like me. Okay, it is made more for the car tourists coming from all parts of Europe, but the receptionist did manage to figure out my passport and all that business. I chose a place right near the water. I will fall asleep tonight to the sound of crashing waves. Still hoping to get over this persistent cold. Tomorrow I should make it into the city if the traffic isn't too bad. Good night.

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