Biking from Spain to Germany

Day 1

I only went about 100km the first day. No real problems, but I didn't want to overdo it. I checked into a convenient campground on the beach of Oropesa del Mar at about 1pm. The spot there was only about US$5. Just enough space to set up my tent and fall asleep for a nap. Later, I walked to the beach and read some of those books that I have been carrying around for a month.

Day 2

Road much farther the second day. Almost died in the afternoon heat. I didn't check into the seaside campground till about four. It was a fun day with ups and downs though. I didn't see as many riders out, I guess it is just a weekend thing. I did meet a few people. Mostly older riders who just seemed to be out for a stroll. They get all dressed up in the biking gear, so they look fast, but nobody is that strong. I still haven't seen anyone carrying the load that I am.

Day 3

Talked to an American guy in the morn. Evidently he is working at the campground that I stayed at. I didn't bother to ask why he is in Spain. I guess he just likes the siestas. Met another biker about 80km into the day. He caught back up with me after I passed him. Asked me where I was going. We had a nice little chat before we passed his house. I wish that I could ride with someone more. It is a little quiet after spending two weeks with two Japanese women.

Flew right along into Barcelona, though. There was one stretch of hilly, curvy road just outside of town. The classic coastal highway that cuts in and out of the valleys. Finally I made it through that and got into the busy roads of the city. Got a flat (small piece of glass) about 2km from my destination. I still made it to La Rambla at about 2pm after 142km. Checked into a youth hostel whish is cheaper than last night's camping. The man at the desk is Japanese, and promised to let me park my bike inside. I will be off in the morning and on my way to Spain. Hoping for cooler weather. Wishing that the US hadn't lost the World Cup so fast. Will write more.

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