Expenses in Laos

It has become a tradition to keep track of every detailed purchase I make while traveling. It is useful in planning new trips and showing friends how cheap things can be. Hopefully it will be helpful to other people planning similar trips. All of the prices are listed in Kip which was trading at 7700kip to the USD in May 2000. Big purchases and totals are in USDollars. Please check the latest exchange rate for the kip, because it can change pretty quickly.


Date/PlaceStore Item Kip
15 May 2000
shadey blue carrier truckshort ride to Laos immigration2
Botenrandom quicki martcanned coffee3000
bigger blue truckride into Luang Namtha7000
LUANG NAMTHAmarketfried bananas, bread, peanuts, other snacks4000
Steven and Ronan's GHcoffee, large BeerLao10000
Longsavateth GHcute bungalow w bath on edge of town25000
16 May 2000
marketmore fried goodies, bread, rambutan4000
medium size blue truck, Isuzueight hour ride to Houei Xai50000
BAN HOUEI XAIrandom street shopfive postcards6500
Across-the-St Restaurantveggie pad thai, Lao coffee8000
Houei Xai GHdecent room overlooking Mekong, bath, fan30000
17 May 2000
Boat Dock Cafeveggie omelette8000
Corner shopprovisions for the day8000
Captain of Slow Boattwo-day ride to Luang Prabang85000
Ban PakbengRandom Restfried fish, bread, BeerLao, coffee28000
Some Guesthousedouble room, shared bath, lights 6-10pm10000
18 May 2000
street shopChinese biscuits, water, Thai coffee cookies7500
nother shopBeerLao, baguette sand, bread, cheese, etc35000
same boatsecond half of the Mekong journeyinc
LUANG PRABANGPhongsali Cafebanana shake, fried aubergine12000
PlaNet Hotmail45min internet at 450per min18000
Phounsab Guesthousesingle room, shared bath30000
19 May 2000
Phounsab Bakerybaguette, coffee5000
sidestreet shopLaos phrasebook, BeerLao tshirt, 7 postcards30000
random shopMiranda soda2000
tuk tukride back after long walk4000
La Postestamps for ten intl postcards28500
Luang Prabang Bakerycroissant, coconut roll7000
shop across streetwatermelon ice drink2000
tuk tukride to travel agent office2000
country side shopone bottle water2000
tuk tuknother ride back after nother long walk2500
Red Crosssauna and 30min massage35000
Veggie Restveggie curry, rice, ice coffee11500
PlaNet Hotmail12min internet access5850
Phounsab GHanother night30000
20 May 2000
Royal Palaceself-guided tour10000
Wat Phousientrance to walk up Phousi hill8000
Le Saladierbanana shake, salad, omelette, bread28000
tuk tukride to the airport5000
Lao Aviationone-way to Vientiane440000
VIENTIANELada taxishared ride from airport10000
Just For Funporto lao, tofu curry, ice coffee21000
Marinaentrance to dance club, one Bud, pack cigs20000
Hay Sok Guesthouseclean room, TV, AC, shared bath100000
NaZim Restaurantpotato and eggplant dry curry, ice coffee14000
Lao Designspecial Lao tea omiyage24000
Riverside Restlarp fish, ice coffee19000
KPP Bakery Restturnover cake, raisin pastry, black coffee10000
Hay Sok GHsame room, friendly staff100000
Tuk Tukarranged ride to Pai Ikala, GH, then Airport20000
Wattay Airportdeparture tax76000
TotalOne person, 7 days1,009,352Kip**131USD
Thai Airwayone-way to Hong Kong**250USD
BangkokNetPort15min internet access85B
United Airlinesflight to Hong Kong**250USD
Hong KongAir Expressbus ride to city33HK
Kangaroo Pubnachos, veggie lasagna, two lemon teas170
Hong Kong YMCAdorm room, four beds, share bath200
Air Expressbus A21 back to airport33
Cable and Wirelesscalling card for 14min call100HKD
United Airlinesflight to Tokyo**250USD
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