Day 2

Itinerary: Kallstadt to Landau Weather: 28, sunny
Max KmH: 48.4Ave KmH: 16.1
Highlight: meeting up with Ferdi, old bike
Fav Food: herb and mushroom dish at beer garden


City LocationItemLocal
NeustadtGlobus bakery2 pizza pastries6
NeustadtGlobus grocerapple,banana, cookies15
LandauSegafredo2 coffees, juicefree
Landauoptometristcontact solution for Aaron10
LandauFranco Cassellathree bags of coffee beans25
Landaumy schuhe storetwo pair of Birks130
LandauFerdi Kopf'sdinner, a room and breakfast free

Another Late Start
After the fiasco of the first day, we decided to sleep in to recover. We had already planned a short day today: only about 40km into Landau. It obviously would have been better to spend the first night closer to Frankfurt in order to more evenly split the ride into Landau. Anyway, I had promised my friend, Ferdi, that we would arrive around 2pm when he finished work for the day. Another good plan.

The woman at the hotel had promised that finding a good bikeway would not be a problem today. Surely, the entire Rhein valley was full of little farm roads through all the vineyards that covered the countryside, but some of these roads didn't go through, or didn't go straight. So around 1pm we found ourselves still about 20km out, trapped in an industrial park cum megamall. We dined on nuked pizza, random pastries at the Globus mega center. We packed away some cookies and snacks for later and found our way back out of town.

Second Coming to Landau
I had spent a few days in this mid-sized town on my last bike trip through Europe. That time, I sold my bike to a guy named Ferdi, whom I had met in magazine shop while searching for a map. This time I phoned ahead to Ferdi and arranged to trade him a newer racing bike for the touring model I had left him with before. Anyway, the town was mostly like I remeber and I was able to find the main square without too much trouble. As we were walking across in the direction of Ferdi's shop, I heard a voice shout Aaron! Ferdi came out from his favorite coffee shop and gave me a big hug.

We sat down and caught-up over a couple drinks at Segafredo. Ferdi introduced us to the owner (and just about everyone else he saw). Later, he took us around for some random shopping in town. The number one thing on my list was a visit to my favorite shoe store, just off the square. I found the same owner there with his wife who speaks English quite well. I talked mom into buying a pair of Birkenstocks since they are less than half of the price that we would pay back home. I don't think this is a popular souvenir, but if anyone is interested in Birks, Germany is a great place to buy and this little shop in Landau is my favorite.

Evening Entertainment
After exhausting our appetite for shopping, we headed back to Ferdi's family's place to make the bicycle trade and get cleaned up a bit. Ferdi's folks were kind enough to let us stay in his sister's room, as she is now off in Rome working as an au pair. After a shower and some rest, we headed out to the countryside for a light dinner and some drinks.

Beer Garden, Wine Bar
I didn't used to be much of a beer drinker, so I would shy away from places like the bars and beer gardens of the world, but it seems like Ferdi was born to hang-out here. As with everywhere we went, Ferdi immediately spotted some people he knew and went to make his greetings. Ma and I studied the menu and found a couple items that sounded good, including mom's first taste of the radler, or the biker, which is a mixture of beer and lemonade. The main theme of conversation kept steering back to the no-worries attitude that Ferdi lives by. For one night, I truly felt like I was on vacation. Back in the saddle tomorrow.

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