Day 3

Itinerary: Landau to Buhl Weather: 29, sunny
Distance KM: 92.7Ave KmH: 19.3
Highlight: sodas at deserted restaurant in France
Fav Food: giant salads at the pub


City LocationItemLocal
LandauSchuhe Buche StoreRhein bike map12.8
MunchhausenCondor Restauranttwo Oranginas, iced tea 9
SessenheimBakery2 coffees, 2 pastries12
BuhlPub2 big salads, 2 drinks50
BuhlGruune Bettlab green bed and breakfast190

Got late start as had to wait for the bookstore to open so that we could buy another map, since Aaron misplaced ours the day before. We had a variety of foods for breakfast at Ferdifs dadfs meat plant which is connected to their house where we spent the night. Ferdifs dad showed us how to make lunchmeat (pretty amazing!) Pureeing large chunks of meat and adding fat to get just the right mixture to be stuffed in the large tubes was pretty educational. I found it hard to believe that this is the kind of cold cuts that we buy at the deli. His father sells them in his meat market which is also connected. Each day brings us new experiences but this was definitely a bonus of our visit to Landau.

Our day started off on quiet, easy roads until Aaron decided to take a glargerh more direct road, which just happened to be the road ALL trucks use to enter into France, which became a might dangerous. We knew that this was a road we should not be on when all the trucks started honking at us. But what were we to do-we are just naive tourists! We stopped at a restaurant for lunch, but they were not serving food so we drank Orangina and Spezie and munched on cookies that we bought the day before.

The landscaping in France is immaculately manicured. We have to eat gFrenchh pastries so we stop at a bakery in France just before we take a ferry back to Germany. They do taste better in France. We arrive at our hotel, Green Bed, where everything is green including a green canopied bed. Have romantic dinner in an outdoor restaurant just a short walk from our hotel and splurge with a cappicino ice cream cone for dessert. So ends another exciting day of biking in Europe as we retire to the ggreen bedh.

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