February 28: San Fran Tour

Kaori just left on the airport express, and is back on her way to New Haven. I begin to realize so much can be done over a 2 night 3 day trip. I've never been an explorer of San Francisco... and for the first time... climbed half of Twin Peaks (I guess it's the SF equivalent of HK's Victoria's Peak) and cruised about Haight-Ashbury (Hometown of the Grateful Dead and the Hippie movement) and good ol' Castro District... the gay capital of US. Both of us being ravenously hungry... I guess less attention was paid to the scenery... as we were more observant over our growling stomachs.

We were adamant about going to the Berkeley Pizza place -- Zachary's Pizza -- which a handful of us kokusaibu ventured out to Shibuya to eat their Stuffed Pizza. So went back to eat the REAL HOMETOWN STUFF. Of course, Euge underestimates the physical distance to the location... and we ended up walking oh... just slightly more than expected. In terms of timing... I guess I timed it OK. :) Nonetheless, a tour through Berkeley... getting the more young punk atmosphere.

Despite it being my hometown... it strangely felt like a 3rd person vacationing through a familiar location. Maa omoshirokatta. Kaori-chan arigatou. :)

But what a nice day. Slightly sun burnt, and getting I could feel my face burning a bit. It's been super sunny all day, and coming off the rain, I suppose pollen's in the air. Hmm...

Well, tired and sleepy with my adventures. Out for a cup of coffee and going to enjoy my last vacation night. Dewa mata atode. :)


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