March 27: JET, SE Asia, and NEW Running Shoes

I feel like I'm making lots of noise these days, but last night... I made my late night trek to Barnes and Noble to buy my Lonely Planet SE Asia. My plan is to hit SE Asia during the month of June, and catch up with Kory for Europe in July. Sounds like one crazy trip... and I'm still reading up... but looks like I'd be entering through either Hong Kong or Bangkok and making my rounds. I'd like to see as much of you (Manuel, Diane, Ijimekko, Alice?) so I'll be in contact with you. Does anyone want to pass through with me in bits and pieces?

As for today, I went and bought a pair of running shoes for my morning runs. It's my first pair of sneakers in ages, and it's really comfy. Little things do make a difference. :) I've always owned a pair of basketball shoes so that I could pick up games where I used to live I still have them too... since high school... kowai ne) dakedo, yatto good shoes. I guess I've been lazy too long.

I got JET!!!!! I heard from them today, and hontou wa kankei nai kedo, it's ureshii, nonetheless. I guess I was a genki-chan afterall. :P I know that I had interviews at least a week earlier than most of you... so within 1 week kana?


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