March 29: Calling All Stations

After umph many months, I finally got a reply back from the company I was really waiting for. I seriously thought that I was forgotten!

Anyhow, I got a call back from Goldman Sachs Tokyo. Unfortunately not Asset Management (or at least not yet) to conclude that fantastic San Francisco Job Fair Adventure with Kory. :) I got a position as a Human Resources Analyst, or Generalist, and this would be the closest application of what I've been studying... I guess. So, I'm your contact into Goldman Sachs Worldwide now. :)

HR is such a narrow field, and a real tough area to get into. The better the company gets, the tighter they seem to want it. Anyhow, that opens up A LOT of doors for me in terms of travel... or becoming a worldwider drifter before donning that suit and tie in the post-modern jungle in Tokyo. :)

My plan to travel is to get out the US as soon as I can after graudation. I hope to get out before the second week of June. I don't know how long and what countries... but I'm set to head out. Mou chotto kangaenaito.

Anyhow, my inital training is in New York at headquarters... WALL STREET, and I'll be making my way to Tokyo after about a month and a half of the BIG APPLE. :)

Things are happening in a maelstrom. I was interpreting a tour of Kyoto University students through (get this... 1st and 2nd years) company visits in San Francisco. We went through Mongomery Securities, Peoplesoft, Levi's and JETRO to get a feel for what companies are doing... and what they are looking for. They were SO young! Interesting stuff to talk about... but it all seemed to have come together over a beer or two. Yappari rising sun desu ne. :)

So, half way done with my spring break. Lots of stuff to read. Papers to write.

Dakedo, as far as my travels, I'd love to meet up with as much of you as I can. My grand plan -- before I go pick up that Lonely Planet -- is to start from Tokyo and go through SE Asia -- to climb my way through to UK. I think I got the money if I can keep Europe down. I'm starting -- hopefully -- on June 1. And blitz through in two months... or before my finances dry out. (Nandaka hanashi ga ookii naaa)

Minasan, genki de ne!

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