Day 19

Km: 0
Max: -
Ave: -
Time: -
Weather: 17, cool, scattered showers
Favorite Sign: Hmmm
Highlight: Hambach Castle
Towns: Landau
Fav Food: China Wok fried veggie desert


Location ItemLocalUS$
Post3kg package by sea to USA 44DM
Patisserieveggie pizza, choc croisant, Coke 6
Bookstorebicycle map ADFC #20 13
Ticket Shop Havanacoffee, Coke, bread, taco ice 7
China Wokfried rice, mango juice, fried pine, eis 15
Totals 8547.22

Last Day
I tried to stuff in as much bread as I could on the last day. At the same time, I realized that I am not biking anymore and I really don't need the calories. I decided to go for a little bike ride in the afternoon on Ferdi's new bike

Biking in Germany
After looking around a bit, I found some of the maps published by the German National Bike Club (ADFC). I found that there are lots of trails around this region. However, when I went out to try it out, I couldn't always find my way easily. The traffic is much worse here because the population is very dense. However, if you can find the right road or path, it can be better than biking in France. I only wish I had more time to try it out. I also found that you can take a bike on the train for only a few marks extra. I have enough info for my next big bike trip in Europe.

Across the Donau
Since my mom is a German-American, we have some kind of desire to explore our roots here in Germany. I think I will try to study a little German over the next couple years, and maybe come back with some of my family in summer 2000. We could ride down from Frankfurt through this region and to the Black Forest. Then there is a well-mapped trail that runs all the way along the Donau River across Germany. If all goes well, I might take it all the way to Vienna and Budapest someday. This trip could be the start of an around-the-world bike tour that I complete in stages. Time will tell.

Percy Hairless
I spent my last night checking my email and sitting around sipping white wine with Mr. Kopf and four members of Percy Hairless, Ferdi's band. We went out for quick Chinese in the evening and then we had to part. I invited them all to Chicago some time, but who knows when we will meet again. I generally make it back to see the people that I keep in touch with, but often they have forgotten me by the time I get back. There is a small chance that I will make it back to see Percy Hairless play a gig on Aug 1, but I don't know. This is the official end of my bike trip. Tomorrow I will head off to Rome.

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