Day 10: Sightseeing in Hamburg

Today's Stats 0km, 24C sunny
Today's Route: Hamburg
Favorite Sign: Chilehaus
Favorite Food: Coca-Cola Zero?

After another great breakfast we packed my bicycle in the basement of the hotel. The guy gave us tape to seal it-everyone has been so nice and helpful during our entire trip! We shopped for Birkenstock sandals and each of us bought a pair.

We were a little late meeting Aaron's friend, Toby, and his girlfriend from just south of Hamburg. They were our guides for 3 hours. We got to see so much with them that we never would have seen otherwise. We walked from the train station to the Elbe River where we boarded a boat. We then got on another boat which let us off close to the bus stop we needed. We rode the bus back to downtown Hamburg where we went on our own. I bought 2 more pairs of Birks and a cuckoo clock.

We took the subway to a college part of town that Toby told us about and had a delicious "Last Supper" of fish. We had a full day of sightseeing and fun on our last day of our 30-day trip.

I told Aaron he would have to find another biking partner for his next trip as I would be too old! He asked, "Are you planning on dying?" So that has had me thinking that I would love to join him on his next trek wherever it may be.


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