Sweden's Southern Shoreline
Bonding and Biking with Mom in Summer 2006

Mom is retired and I quit work to head back to school, so we did another long bike trip in Europe together. This time, we first road from Poland to Estonia for almost three weeks. Then we took a boat to Helsinki for a day of sightseeing before taking another boat over to Stockholm. The ride down the southeastern coast to Trelleborg took seven days and we were able to exit via another boat to Germany. We roughly followed the Cykelsparet route which is supposed to go the other direction and can actually be ridden for 2350km. If you can't buy a copy of it online, I could probably fax you a couple pages to get you started. Just email me. Anyway, we only road about 772km, but we had a blast and we took a lot of pictures.

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--Sweden's Southern Shoreline--
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