Day 9: Onward to Hamburg, Germany

Today's Stats 16km, 23C cloudy
Today's Route: Boat and train to Hamburg
Favorite Sign: Welcome to Germany
Favorite Food: croissant and latter for 2EUR


Costs are per person in local currency, 1USD=7.317SEK=0.793EUR.
Bakhauscroissant, latte, berry bar3euro
Deutsche Bahntrain to Hamburg w bikes31euro
Station Cafesandwich, Mezzo Mix6
TeleCafe30min internet1
Local restaurantveggie pan, 2 Franziskaners17
Norddeutsche Hotelnice room w bfst38

A very loud annnouncement woke us at 5am to tell us that the boat would arrive in Rostock in one hour. The announcement was quite long and was played in Swedish and German before English. If they had been warning us of a fire or other disaster, I think all the English speakers would perish before the announcement got around to them. Relieved, I fell asleep again until we arrived in the harbor. Luckily it wasn't raining this morning, but it was quite chilly around here at 6am. We had to ride about 10km to get to town and then we didn't know where to find the train station. I employed my excellent German ability to enquire of a man who was out walking his dog. He seemed to say that we had a long way to go, but at least we knew the right direction now.

We stopped downtown for a cheap but filling breakfast and tried unsuccessfully to get into a couple churches and bathrooms. Things were a little smoother once we got to the train station, even if we were in a bit of a rush. The ride up to Hamburg was also very smooth. It would be nice if we had some trains like this in the US. I look forward to trying some of the trains on westcoast since I will live near San Francisco from September.


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