Chapter Two

The Campus

Waseda University is located in one of the biggest cities in the world, Tokyo. I am not really accustomed to a city school (hey, I am from University of Illinois), so I don't know how I will like it. I did have a chance to visit one of the campuses when I was in Japan three years ago. It is rather beautiful considering the concrete playground around it.

The Homestay

In order to really submerge myself in Japanese culture (if there is any left in Tokyo), I have chosen to live with a Japanese family again. This can be particularly challenging considering the differences in customs between American families and any other families in the world. Furthermore, I have not lived at home for over three years, so I am not accustomed to having parents around. I expect to get into some discussions about curfews and dating and phone usage. While these things seem small, they can add up to some real problems.


I am truly excited about the prospect of a year in Japan. I can't wait to go and see some of my old friends. I am also excited about making new friends and going new places. This time I have prepared myself for speaking Japanese and really learning something about the country.


I do have some pretty clear objectives for my year abroad. I am very privileged to get the scholarship from Rotary and also gain admission to Waseda, so I plan to use my time wisely. Please read a short essay that I used for my application to Waseda. If you have any questions or ideas that you would like to add to my grand plan, let me know. I want this to be enlightening for more people than just myself.

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