About My Host Family

My host family

I found out that I will be staying in the Sumida ward of Tokyo. This seems to be a little closer to the city center than my old home in the Edogawa ward. However, I think I will still have quite a commute to Waseda in the Shinjuku ward. At any rate I was happy to receive this picture from the Koyama Family and hear a little bit about my new family. Mr. and Mrs. Koyama have two daughters (both younger than me) and there is one grandmother who stays in the home. I can't wait to go and meet them all. It won't be long now.

August 22, 1996: Arrived in Japan

In order to keep track of what is going on, I have decided to write a weekly journal while I am in Japan. It will be an easy way to let friends back know what is up without writing an email message to everyone. Furthermore, if the Rotary folks ever ask me what I did with all my time for one whole year in Tokyo, at least I will have something to show. Why not check it out.


Well over a year after returning, I still keep in touch with my host family, as well as many friends. I was really lucky to have a great host family, though. They have a beautiful house on the east side or older side of Tokyo. My father runs a classic factory right next to the house. He works by himself producing these huge bolts for bridges and powerplants. Mom teaches Chinese cooking among other things. This meant that she was a GREAT cook and the money I spent on room and BOARD was well worth it. The sisters both study hard, but we always had plenty of fun together as well. I am really looking forward to going back to visit in a couple months.

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