When we traveled to Thailand in March of 1997 the baht was trading at about 25baht=1USDollar. All of the US$ amounts provided below are calculated using that figure. However, in the fall of 1997, Thailand and the rest of Asia hit some economic problems which sent the baht down to about 50baht to the dollar by year-end. Before you plan any trips, take a look at the latest exchange rate for the baht. You can probably survive on less than $30 per day per person if you stay in cheap places and don't get suckered into buying lots of silk screen paintings. Also, all of the food and lodging amounts below are for two people, so a US$10 meal is really five dollars each. Enjoy.

Date LocationStore Item BahtUS$
3/9,Sun Bangkok Korean Air Flight #633 Seoul to Bangkok (Aaron only, not included in totals) 400.00
Don Muan Int'lPizza Hut/DQ slice, bread big pepsi, Peanut Buster Parfait125 5.00
Public Taxi Don Muan Int'l to Peachy Guest House 250 10.00
3/10,MonPhra Athit Peachy Guest House 3 nights in AC double, shared bath 1050 42.00
Khaosan Rd. Hello GH & Restaurant noodles, rice deal, banana, lemon shakes 145 5.80
Transit Convenie Store water and cokes 32 1.28
Rama I Tokyu MacDonalds pineapple juice, Toddy Palm Sundae 32 1.28
Jim Thompson House tour of a beautiful Teak-wood Thai house 80 3.20
Chinatown street vendor/artist oil painting on canvas 250 10.00
Oriental Pier boat ride from downtown to our GH 14 0.56
Phra Athit Boat Dock raisin bread 20 0.80
Welcome Overseas rice&veggie, prawns curry w/rice, 2 shakes 165 6.60
Khaosan Rd. Some shops postcards, 3wallets 152 6.08
3/11,TuesPhra Athit New Merry V's sweet sour veg, grilled cheese, tomato soup 147 5.88
Dusit Tuk Tuk three-wheeled taxi Phra Athit-Vimanmek Pal 70 2.80
Vimanmek Palace admission to grounds and museum 70 2.80
Dusit Zoo admission to a nice city zoo 40 1.60
Dusit Zoo Rest pink & green Fanta, Paprika chips 45 1.80
Khaosan Rd. Market Birkenstock-style sandals for Brica 250 10.00
Some shop cool pants and a Thai Coke T-shirt for Aaron220 8.80
Hello Internet Cafe email for Brica(25min) and Aaron(45min) 244 9.76
Mam's GH & Rest crispy tofu&veg,tofu&rice, muesli&yogurt,juice 150 6.00
Wholesale/Retail gorgeous green skort, ugly shorts for Aaron 300 12.00
3/12,WedPhra Athit National Museum admission and free English tour 40 1.60
Silpakorn Univrestaurant drink and raisin roll, great art display 45 1.80
Wat Phra Kaew PierSome Rest lunch?:fried peanuts, fried cashews, 2lemon 140 5.60
Wat Phra Kaew admission w/free English tour of temple&pal 250 10.00
Tuk Tuk taxi ride back to Khaosan Rd. 30 1.20
Khaosan Rd. Some Guest House garlic fried rice, fried noodle, 2 shakes 180 7.20
Mom&Pop store 2 pairs of sandals new fanny pack 410 16.40
Travel Agent AC? bus to Krabi(2 tickets) 640 25.60
3/13,ThurKrabi Long Tail Boat one hour ride out to the beautiful Rai Lay 80 3.20
Rai Lay BeachRai Lay Village 2 nights in a private bungalow w/bath&fan 900 36.00
Ya-Ya Rest fried rice&veg,fish&chips, 4 shakes, coffee.etc325 13.00
3/14,Fri Ya-Ya Rest mueslix, french toast, fruit, yogurt 110 4.40
Sun,Sea,Sand&Rock Half-day(9am-1) rock climbing lesson with eqmt1000 40,00
Sand Sea Rest pat thai, fried potato, veg curry, shakes, etc210 8.40
Convenie Store 11postcards, chocolate, water 115 4.60
Convenie Store 2 waters, mocha cone, ice cream bar,BBQchips100 4.00
Rentals 2 person kayak for one hour 100 4.00
3/15,Sat Sun,Sea,Sand&Rock Half-day(9am-1) rock climbing lesson with eqmt1000 40.00
Rai Lay Village Rest fried rice in pineapple, coconut curry, pot soup215 8.60
Rai Lay Village Rest late dinner:2 fried veg, rice,shakes, coffee,etc250 10.00
Rai Lay Village another night in the bungalow 450 18.00
3/16,Sun Ya-Ya Rest cont.break, pancake w/banana brunch 140 5.60
Convenie Store water, green Fanta 28 1.12
Long Tail Boat one hour trip back to the real world 80 3.20
Krabi Convenie Store banana fruit strips, raisin bread, newspaper80 3.20
Krabi Songtherm AC night bus from Krabi to Bangkok 700 28.00
3/17,MonKhaosan Rd. Hello GH Rest veg omelette, porridge, orange shake, fanta 140 5.60
Tuk Tuk taxi ride to Wat Pho 50 2.00
Wat Pho Wat Pho admission to temple grounds and Reclining Buddha40 1.60
Silk Screen Guy bought 4 paintings from one guy,6 from other1100 44.00
S&P lunch:coconut soup, tuna sand, miso soup 240 9.60
Post Office 10 16baht stamps and 10 9baht ones 250 10.00
Hello Internet Cafe email for Brica(54min) and Aaron(107min) 540 21.60
Greek? Rest veg samosa, veg spring roll, veg potato 70 2.80
Sawana Travel one-way bus for two to Chiang Mai 320 12.80
Highway Rest Area chiclets, Pocky, Juicy Fruit, Pepsi,Snickers92 3.68
3/18,TuesChiang Mai Johnny Boy GH muesli, scrambled eggs on toast, coffee 75 3.00
Johnny Boy Treks 4 day trek in country with all food guide 3300 132.00
Highway Market game, water, fruit 160 6.40
3/19,WedKaren VillageOur house waters, Sprites 70 2.80
3/20,ThurCamp Raft Place waters, Sprites 70 2.80
3/21,FriChiang Mai Tuk Tuk taxi to Central Mall 50 2.00
Central Pizza Hut veg pizza, garlic bread, 7up float, Pepsi 183 7.32
Vista Theaters Star Wars Special Edition 120 4.80
Tuk Tuk taxi ride back to Johnny Boy Guest House 40 1.60
Downtown Johnny B GH 1 night with private bath 100 4.00
3/22,Sat JB GH Rest 2 french toast, fruit salad, banana shake 160 6.40
JB GH postcards 25 1.00
Tuk Tuk taxi to DK Campus Book Store 40 1.60
Convenie Store shampoo, water 60 2.40
DK Campus Thailand map 85 3.40
Pizza Hut veg pizza,salad bar, onion rings,Pepsi water231 9.24
Mall toilet for Brica 6 0.24
JB GH Travel 2 AC night bus tickets to Bangkok 460 18.4
Highway Rest Stop coffee peanuts, Coke, water 50 2.00
Somewhere Para Services Aaron's bag was stolen from the night bus 2700
3/23,SunPhra Athit New Merry Vs fruit salad, breakfast set, cheese sand 140 5.60
New Merry Vs one night in AC w/bath room; view of river 380 15.20
Khaosan Rd. Kodak Place film developing for 9 rolls, single print 1000 40.00
GPO mail sea package to America 610 24.40
GPO call Nepal for 1min 18sec 80 3.20
GPO stamps, Cokes 60 2.40
Mam's GH Rest dinner: fried veg, veg/tofu/rice, fanta,etc 140 5.60
Wholesale/Retail 2 pants and a shirt for clothes-less Aaron 400 16.00
3/24,MonPhra Athit New Merry Vs early morn bus to airport 140 5.60
Don Muan Int'lPizza Hut Hawaiian pizza, slice, garlic bread, Pepsi 175 7.00
post office mail brother's B-day present to US 130 5.20
Thai Govt departure tax 500 20.00
Subtotal Thailand 15 Days, two people 23351 934.04
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