Around Ankara

Site Seeing

Aside from studies at METU, I managed to do a lot of site seeing in Turkey. The program coordinators at METU planned a number of outings for us. In fact, we were busy nearly every weekend with some trip. The first weekend we just looked around Ankara. We went to the mausoleum where Ataturk (the founder of Turkey) is buried. We also walked around the old town in the center of Ankara and took in some of traditional culture of Turkey.

Ice Cream

One of our favorite things about the sort of modern culture was the sticky ice cream that the guys on the street like to sell to you. They use a long crow-bar-like rod to pry the ice cream out of their little coolers. Then they stick it on the cone and offer it to you. Well, it is pretty tough to get the sticky ice cream and the cone to come off of the bar, so they make a game out of it. Sometimes, they turn the cone up just as you reach for it. Other times they let you take the cone and leave the ice cream on the rod. Eventually you get your cone and some tasty ice cream, but not before they ring their bell a few times and attract a crowd of visitors. It is very good for business. I think all tourists have to try this at least once.


We spent many a night just out at a bar or coffee shop socializing with some of our Turkish friends. The Turkish food is a lot like Greek (even though they would never admit it) food and Turkish tea was my favorite. I passed many an hour with a friend and a few shots of Turkish tea. I say shots because the tea comes in little glasses that are only a couple shots large. They are curvy ("like a beautiful woman") and clear and just right for some hot, strong tea. I usually had mine with two sugar cubes as I am not normally a big tea drinker.

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