About the Program

Middle East Technical University

The Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey was started back in the fifties with funding from the US government. It was supposed to be a university where people from all over the Middle East could come to further their educations. From the beginning, the language of instruction at the University was English. In the seventies America stopped funding the University and it is now fully a public University of Turkey. Now more of the students come from Turkey and fewer are coming from abroad. In 1995 an International Summer School was started to bring more international students to the campus. My study in Turkey was financed by a scholarship from the National Security Education Program

The International Summer School

I chose Sociology of the Middle East and Economic History of Turkey as my courses for the summer. Also, for those students with no background in Turkish, a language class was compulsory. In addition to the classes we took, there were excursions planned for every weekend during the summer. Throughout the six weeks there was never a dull moment. For me, the challenge for the summer was balancing the academics, sight-seeing, and socializing.

The City

Ankara is the governmental capital of Turkey while Istanbul is the cultural capital and the better-known of the two. I believe the city of Ankara has a population of about three or four million. It is hard to measure because many people are moving in from the east every day and many of them end up in gecekondu's (built at night). The city offers a number of historic sites to see and is a nice place to get away from the tourists that invade the west coast every summer.

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