Weekend Escape to Bodrum


After almost a full month in Turkey, I was getting a little tired of the arranged trips that we went on every weekend. For my fifth weekend in the Turkey, I decided to take my own route. Of course, my Turkish was still horrible, so I had to go along with a friend. Fulya, from my economic history class just happened to have a summer home in Bodrum. She was planning to visit there July 13-16 or so, so I invited myself along. There was a bit of a problem with my staying at Fulya's house (the neighbors might say something about her family (and their values)), so I volunteered to stay in a hostel/pension type place.


Considered one of the best summer retreats by locals and Europeans alike, Bodrum certainly lived up to my expectations. Fulya and I arrived after a full nights ride on the bus. Bus travel is so popular in Turkey that one has to wonder who is holding down the train and plane industries. I picked out the cheapest (about US$10) pension that I could find. It was pretty central to the action and, in a way, reminded me of The Swiss Family Treehouse (mine being one of the upper bedrooms), so I lived with the dirty bathroom. During my three days there, I enjoyed the beeches, bars, and shops that one can find in any coastal hot spot. Food was a little more expensive than in Ankara, but everything was still cheap compared to American prices. I bought an seemingly illegal CD of all of U2's greatest hits.


If you go to Bodrum, you should check out this dance club. They charge about ten bucks to get in (with your first drink free, if you drink), so you know there are not just average Turks going in. I met a lot of European tourists in Bodrum as in other tourist areas. Many times there were teenagers from Britain and Germany who just came to enjoy the beaches and the cheap prices in Turkey. It is a fun lifestyle, if you want to take a break. I was impressed with many of the dance clubs that I found. Halikarnas (the name of Bodrum back when Herodotus lived there) was second only to another outdoor dance club in Ankara, known as Afrix.

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